Top 5 Dive Bars in Boston/Cambridge

5. TC’s Lounge – 1 Haviland St, Boston

This was my first introduction to dive bars in Boston and according to the sign on the door, they are the best dive bar in Boston. Some may disagree, but the best features of this place are its surly bartenders, bathroom perfume dispenser and arcade games. Oh let’s not forget the claw grab game full of porn instead of stuffed animals.

4. Silhouette Lounge – 200 Brighton Ave, Allston

I’ve only recently visited The Sil after god knows how many people told me I had to try their favorite dive bar. It’s a bit out of my way, but I finally went. Amazingly cheap pitchers, quirky regulars, darts and (best of all) FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT POPCORN! I hear on weekends it fills up with Boston University students and has a tendency to close earlier than other bars. You will never find loud music playing, it’s a good old fashion place to drink with some friends over a basket of popcorn and maybe play a bit of pool.

3. Cantab Lounge – 738 Mass Ave (Central Sq) Cambridge

Cantab will always have my love an devotion. Me and SANE staffer Nora went her many a time for their awesome Wednesday night poetry sessions (way cooler than you might think) and loved the happy community feel (as well as the cheap drinks). Poetry night is held in the basement which can be off putting for some. Don’t fret they have an upstairs where they often host live music. One of Central Square’s many awesome hangouts.

2. The Tam – 222 Tremont St, Boston

The Tam works its way up my list because it is a sheer Boston institution. Located Downtown, not far off from Chinatown, the Tam is  a bit of grit an area with many polished “Irish pubs”. I just love talking to random people and hearing their stories of how awful nights were turned wonderful by going and getting obliterated at the Tam. You truly cannot go wrong here.

1. MaryAnn’s – 1937 Beacon Street (at Pendergast Ave) Brighton

Oh Maryann’s, Maryann’s! How my eyes light up when I see the sign for this place. I don’t know about you readers, but how can you not fall for a place with $2.50 gin and tonics? Again, this place has its own odd cast of characters for evening drinking, but when 9 pm hits expect the Boston College kids to come flooding into this windowless bar. That’s when the peaceful place where you can watch sports and chat up old timers becomes a place with a blaring jukebox and dozens of just legal college bros.

All things considered, Maryann’s is definitively my favorite dive in the Boston area.

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